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Journey to High Asia – Nepal

The students at Portland State University and the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (ANHS) produce an annual the High Asia Calendar highlighting the peoples and places of the greater Himalayan region.

Nepal, 2006, like our first calendar, Journey to High Asia, 2004, joins photographs contributed by artists from all over the world with maps and text intended to answer the questions evoked by each month's photograph.

The goal of the calendars is to deepen understanding of the landscapes, lives, and issues of High Asia, and to foster appreciation and tolerance for far-away peoples and places. We want calendar users to share the exploration and discovery experienced by the PSU seniors who created this calendar, and to find the photographs to be springboards to deeper awareness, as we did.



We have discovered that some dates are incorrect in the ANHS calendar for 2006 Journey to High Asia-Nepal

  • May 31st is missing
  • June June dates showing on July page are incorrect
  • July begins on Saturday, not Friday, throwing the whole month off
  • 29th appears twice
  • September 1st is hidden behind photo (Kumari photo is by Sumant Barooah). Sept. 21st appears twice
  • November starts Wednesday, not Monday (the entire month is thus wrong)
  • mini-months are wrong (December 2005 is pictured, not Dec. 2007)

We deeply regret these editorial oversights, and offer as imperfect remedy, along with our apologies:

• Corrected calendar pages for July and November, designed to fit within the calendar layout, which you may download, print, and attach to your calendar (consider using a full-sheet stick on label, like (Avery Label # 5455). These pages can be found here (July, November).

• A $5 discount on the 2007 calendar (which we promise will be carefully checked!):

Anyone with a defective 2006 calendar may return the ANHS member form printed inside it for a discount on Journey to High Asia-Tibetan Peoples and Landscapes.

Again, our apologies to you who have purchased our beautiful but flawed calendar. Those who know Nepal will understand that such things happen; we hope you are satisfied with our answer to the discovery of these errors: "ke garne?" ["what to do?"] Please let us know if you are not: browerb@pdx.edu.


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10 - 19 calendars ($11.00 each)





Portland State University Geography Department